About AR-HR

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Animal Rights or Human Responsibility (AR-HR) is a site intended to discuss and investigate the efforts of the Animal Rights Industry and resulting effects on both businesses and individuals, health, legal rights and more.  Animal Rights or Human Responsibility currently has a membership spanning North America and a readership spanning 38 countries.  AR-HR.com articles have appeared on the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, the Indiana Post-Tribune,  USA Today & the  Chicago Sun Times.  Upcoming published appearances include The Canine Chronicle and publications by the American Dog Breeders Association

In the interest of disclosure, AR-HR.com DOES NOT receive compensation or sponsorship from the following:

  • the Agriculture Industry, meat, plant or otherwise
  • the Fur Industry
  • the Pet Industry: including commercial breeding facilities, pet sale businesses or pet brokers
  • Center for Consumer Freedom

AR-HR can be reached at communications@AR-HR.com or through Skype

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