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I’ve noticed a pattern over time with the HSUS press releases and CEO Wayne Pacelle’s blog, “Humane Nation”.  The pattern?  With noticeable frequency, issues used to attack their opponents are issues which are reflected within the HSUS itself.  Some examples?

Lest you think I am just re-hashing old history, there is the latest matter of CEO Wayne Pacelle hiring new Vice President of Philanthropy, Deborah Peeples, who is the subject of a $87,164.60 federal tax lien.  Perhaps Wayne Pacelle will present an award to the IRS if they seize her property, as he did to Attorney General Greg Zoeller for seizing the property (dogs) of Virginia Garwood for tax reclamation purposes?

My thanks to the mysterious individual who forwarded these documents to me, who ever you are.  I am always interested in rock-solid documentation

Reminder: reference to the Center for Consumer Freedom is made for comparison purposes only.  Nothing written should be interpreted as either an endorsement or a condemnation of the organization.

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  1. YesBiscuit says:

    I still do not understand the whole Garwood story. Ultimately, the two women plead guilty to not paying taxes on the puppies they sold. Shouldn't they have the chance to pay BEFORE their animals are seized and dispersed by HSUS? It makes no sense to me. And since when does HSUS act as the heavy for the IRS?

    • AR_HR says:

      It hasn't made sense and still doesn't make sense. Its part of why I have kept looking at it, sheer puzzlement
      Erica Saunders

    • Lemons says:

      Of course if you have the right to just pay taxes when you are CAUGHT, why bother paying them unless you are caught.

  2. HumaneWatch says:

    I'm blogging about the Peeples tax liens. That's a fantastic scoop, Erica. Thanks for adding something new (and significant) to the larger discussion. You rock.

  3. FredandEthel says:

    What a silly but amusing little blog. "Momentum" gaining in the IRS investigating HSUS? And your source for this is a whopping two congressmen writing the head of the IRS as reported by the equally obscure and extremist SAOVA? Laughable. And what on earth does the federal tax lien have to do with Peeples' actual work for HSUS? Looking forward to reading your thoughts on WSB-TV's threat to sue slimbag Richard Berman if he continues to misrepresent their broadcasts.

    • AR_HR says:

      Ah yes …. my thoughts on the "WSB-TV" threat to sue Richard Berman that just 'happened' to be mailed to the HSUS address?

      Here you go, as requested.
      *snork* *giggle* *snort* *uncontrollable laughter* *wipe tears from eyes*

      No need to thank me, I'm happy to oblige my readers when and where possible. (Even those with IP addresses suspiciously close in location to the HSUS headquarters)

      Erica Saunders

      • FredandEthel says:

        Pretty much the childish response I expected – ignoring two out of my three questions because you couldn't answer them. And I wasn't going to thank you. Laugh at you, yes, but not thank you. Yeah, sure, Berman never received the letter until today. Gosh, is that believable or what. But back to Berman and the IRS, read the expose on HSUS's website by an independent, and highly decorated, journalist to figure out which organization already HAS been audited. Something about a completely refigured board of directors?

        I also found your website's "about" information highly amusing. Amusing in that it says absolutely nothing about your background, who you've worked for, volunteered for. Go ahead, name 'em all. And be VERY specific. That is, of course, unless, you're ashamed to do it.

      • FredandEthel says:

        As for your silly suspicion, I work in finance for a government contractor in Greenbelt, Maryland. Yes, that's near HSUS's offices. No, my work has nothing whatsoever to do with animal issues and no, I won't name the company. I'm not the one writing a blog and trying to pretend, albeit unsuccessfully, that I actually understand my subject matter. You are.

  4. Tom and Jerry says:

    In regards to the Peeples tax lien…who made you God. To judge a person based on unsubtantiated information into that person's life is displicable. Without knowledge of what could have happend to create the tax lien ,you are acting as judge and jury. Those who have not sinned may cast the first stone.

    • AR_HR says:

      No judgement … just observation of a pattern. Curious how federal tax court records qualify as unsubstantiated, especially when copies have been made accessible for examination and review by readers.

      Perhaps your definition of unsubstantiated differs from the one I'm familiar with
      Erica Saunders

    • FreedomFighter says:

      Excuse me Tom and Jerry isn't that precisely what the Humane Society of the United States and PETA do every day, act as a holier than thou entity judging and pushing for mandates based purely on their own sentiment? At least here there appears to be documentation. No evidence does not always lead to where you think it will. Remember that.

  5. alice in lala land says:

    Tom and Jerry ( two cartoon characters who were jerks to each other).. you mean the way thr HSUS judges anyone who dares to have "too many dogs"//?? LOL on that threat of a suit Fred and Ethel ( two of the dumbest characters ever to be on TV) many of us have copies of that broadcast.. guess what we STILL have freedom of the press, and speech her in the USA.. no matter what Pacelle tries to tell you cult followers..oh Wayne the big bogeyman.. trying to squelch what he knows is true..
    wwwhumanewatch.org.. and this blog.. wonderful work..

  6. Callie says:

    @TomAndJerry — On, come on. Someone still hasn't paid their taxes from TEN YEARS AGO even though she's been gainfully employed at a very high level since then? No sympathy here. None. If the tax liens were for 2008 or something, that might be different. Stuff happens in life. But grown-ups fix their mistakes, and it shouldn't take 10 years to pay off an $87,000 debt if you have a job and you're not an idiot.

  7. alice in lala land says:

    "And what on earth does the federal tax lien have to do with Peeples' actual work for HSUS?" a bit more than HSUS blogging about what kind of car Berman drives..
    wanna bet Bermans car is bought and paid for.including the taxes due. while the new HSUS owes all of us MONEY.. a person who is ASKING for money for a charity should nor be owing the the very "charity" we call the government.. the rest of us must pay.. why should she get "off the hook"
    wwwhumane watch.org

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