It appears that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not above learning from those it has targeted.

On April 27, 2010 the HSUS filed a ‘color of Law’ suit against Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, in conjunction with Michigan lawyer Beatrice M Friedlander.  The basis for the  alleging Ms. Friedlander’s rights are being violated because the Ohio state Constitution requires that signatures on ballot initiatives must be collected by Ohio residents.

Suddenly the HSUS is concerned with preservation of an individual’s Constitutional Rights? Did I miss a memo, or a press release?

What about the property rights of individuals who are having animals seized and dispersed by HSUS teams led by Scotlund Haisley, who has openly declared, “I want the scum to think we are law enforcement”. (Endorsed by HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle, “I like his (Scotlund’s) cowboy ways”)

  • What about the rights of Norman Pang in Hawaii? (currently suing the HSUS for action “under color of law” citing violations of Mr Pang’s rights under the First, Fourth, Fifth & Fourteenth amendments)
  • What about the rights of Dan Christiansen in South Dakota? (172 dogs seized by the HSUS “in conjunction with Second Chance Rescue and the Turner County Sheriff’s Department” on September 2, 2009 and ordered returned by the judge on May 4, 2010 because the dog’s were deemed taken illegally)
  • What about the rights of Virginia Garwood in Indiana? (241 dogs seized with HSUS assistance on the premise of tax issues with a warrant ordering ‘seize such property, or any part thereof, found during such search and hold said property pending further order of this Court”  Yet the dogs were sold to the HSUS within 24 hours and subsequently dispersed.  This case is still before the courts)
  • What about the rights of Louisville, Kentucky residents who were subjected to seizure of animals and loss of them if they couldn’t post the mandated seizure ‘bond’? (Struck down as illegal) The Louisville ordinances were used as a springboard for similar legislation that has been passed or is pending across the US.  This has lead to significant speculation that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) was heavily involved in the drafting of this legislation; especially since the HSUS regularly announces its involvement in the drafting in legislation across the US and dedicates significant resources to legislation and legal action.

All of these examples are cases involving (alleged) violations of FEDERAL constitutional rights with significant HSUS involvement.

So … is the HSUS only concerned about constitutional rights at the state level?  Or do they only look to overturn constitutional law when their goals are affected? Are they going to change their actions to ensure that they respect the constitutional rights of individuals in their own actions? Are they going to assist the individuals above in defending their constitutional rights?

Anyone care to volunteer their thoughts on these questions and propose their own?

3 Responses to “New from the HSUS: A Matter of Color (of Law)”

  1. YesBiscuit says:

    In keeping with the traditions of Constitution shredders, it sounds like HSUS likes the sound of it when it suits them but usually, meh.

  2. Eden Springs says:

    The real issue at hand is the Moral Imperative under which Wayne & friends believe they are exempt from any tactic that achieves their agenda/s–up to and including complete hypocracy. The ‘Do as I say, not as I do” theory belongs to those who are so convinced of their own righteousness that no law applies to them.

    Perfect case in point was the issue of the seizure/forfeiture bonds judged unconstitutional and against which a permanent injunction was issued by the Court on October 1, 2009. In early January of this year, HSUS’s Kentucky opertaive Pam Rogers and her BFF, ALDF chairwoman Katie Brophy claimed during an interview on WFPL radio that what Kentucky needed was ‘a forfeiture bond at the state level.’

    And, during the reign of terror at Louisville’s shelter when now-ousted director Gilles Meloche was deliberately overcrowding and causing deadly disease outbreaks, selling infected animals to the public and shipping them to rescues with no warning, ignoring staff pleas about clogged drains which led to the facility flooding and drowning over a dozen animals, sexually harassing his employees and killing fully-awake kittens with illegal heart-sticks, where was HSUS? Where was Pam Rogers’ hue and cry? Where was the outrage? Where was the defense of animals we hear so much about?

    Silence then, and continued silence now as the ‘same old, same old’ continues at LMAS. Hypocracy at its best: IT’S ONLY ANIMAL ABUSE WHEN SOMEONE THEY DON’T APPROVE OF IS DOING IT.

    Think HSUS didn’t know about Meloche? He came to Louisville direct from Tallahassee, where he wrecked their shelter, too. And who was to blame? Well, according to the expensive report that Leon County, Florida Commissioners paid the HSUS to complete, the blame was laid at Meloche’s feet. And yet, his biggest booster in Louisiville was…[wait for it….HSUS!].

    How’s that for hypocracy?

  3. forfairplay says:

    If HSUS had their way, only THEY would have Constitutional Rights. Isn't that considered tyrannical? I sure hope the courts in all the above cases have judges with the intelligence to let HSUS that the Constitution covers us ALL and is not for them to manipulate for their own purposes.

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