AR-HR has been quiet for a few months now but not for the reasons you might think.

  • Have the poorly constructed animal ownership legislation campaigns ceased or even slowed?  Not a bit.
  • Has the Humane Society of the United States been more open in the truth of its fundraising campaigns or use of funds?  Nope, not according to the recent misleading fund-raising on the back of Fay (the sweet & now deceased mutilated pitbull) or according to their 2008 tax records.  Frankly, the ASPCA has not been much better.  Has anyone else changed the channel recently over their creepy tv ads?
  • Are town and state official still writing and implementing unconstitutional legislation, similar to Louisville KY, that may cost them more than they can afford in court?  Sadly, yes.

The pause has come because I was starting to feel that the articles were becoming repetitive, that I was doing a dis-service to those who read these articles.  If I intended to recycle articles, I might as well simply pull up articles from the past for your reading pleasure.  So, I have been considering where this site should be headed for the next year.  This is not to say that I will not be writing about similar topics as the past year but that the vision is expanding.

In 2010, the theme of the site will be to focus on a “Truly Humane Society” when it comes to animal legislation and the animal welfare movement.  The focus will be on examining the possibilities of a humane society” that:

  • Rescues animals in true need of rescue and follows through until those same animals have a safe permanent homes instead of seizing animals to get headlines, raise funds or bolster political activities yet advocate for euthanasia for those same animals behind the scenes.
  • Assists animal owners in trouble  at all income level to keep their animals not demonize them as ‘neglectful’ over minor issues or philosophical differences
  • Assist animal owners & rescues caring for elderly, ill and ‘unwanted’ animals instead of classifying them as ‘hoarders’ and stigmatizing them as mentally ill
  • Raises funds through open, clear and honest disclosure of activities in all fundraising literature instead of shading the truth to the point of being unrecognizable
  • Shines the light on the rescues and groups doing the blood, sweat and tears work that occurs after the emergency teams have left instead of leaving them high and dry to fight for donation scraps in the shadows

In short, to increase the focus on positive solutions, on supporting our fellow humans and animals in these challenging times and most importantly on pulling together instead of pulling apart.

For 2010, may we be TRULY humane, instead of in name only.  Mr. Pacelle, are you listening?

3 Responses to “Resolution 2010: A Truly Humane Society”

  1. New England Dog Luvr says:

    Very well said, Erica. This essay will serve as a beacon to keep me focused in 2010. Thank you for focusing the discussion on the areas that really need the attention rather than the game of smoke and mirrors played by the crooks and liars in the "animal protection" industry.

  2. @agropinion says:

    Even if you feel like you're repeating yourself, keep on saying it. More people are starting to see through these groups and we need every voice we can get exposing these group's lies and hidden agendas. Now they are targeting church groups because church goers give more and because they can use guilt as a tool to make people feel like they're fulfilling their obligation to God by not eating meat. If you get tired, let me know and I'll happily guest blog for you on this subject. Or feel free to glean from my comments. I'm happy to lend you a hand when you're tired of fighting the good fight.

    • annie says:

      I am not tired of a good fight, I am tired of the Humane Society not giving the animals the care they deserve, in cages or in foster care. These pets need care, whether sick or not. People are giving their money thinking they are doing such good and not asking where it goes. Duh, lets give thousands and rely on their name to make it right. Not happening. Thank you , I am to the point of giving up, but would give all I have to make their lives better.

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