scales-of-justiceThe end of last week I was forwarded copies of documentation related to a lawsuit filed in Hawaii in response to another Humane Society of the United States ‘raid’.  The details in this suit are not only horrifying but heart-breaking. 

On September 11, 2009, Norman Pang of Hawaii filed suit against the following individuals:

  • Pamela Burns, President & CEO of the Hawaiian Humane Society
  • Kenoi Vaughn, Manager of Field Services of the Hawaiian Humane Society
  • Rigo Niera, Director of Animal Protection of the Hawaiian Humane Society
  • Rebecca Rhodes, Executive Director of Kauai Humane Society
  • Inga Gibson, Hawaii State Director (Lobbyist) of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)
  • Scotlund Haisley, Senior Director, Emergency Services of the HSUS
  • Rowdy Shaw, Raid Team Member, HSUS
  • Jackie (last name unknown), HSUS

This lawsuit is directly in response to the actions taken surrounding the July 19, 2009 raid publicized by the HSUS video below, actions that are outrageous if the details of this case are proven out.

Norman Pang is the widower of Bonnie Pang.  His wife, Bonnie, operated the Hawaii 501(c)3 non-profit Animal Haven which according to its charter was to provide “permanent sanctuary for all species of animals and birds where they would be completely safe and well cared for”.  Bonnie founded Animal Haven as a no-kill and hospice environment in opposition to the euthanasia policies of the Hawaii Humane Society (HHS), with whom she had a history of conflict.  This history included allegations in 1995 by HHS of neglect and animal abuse from which Bonnie was acquitted and after which the Pang’s filed suit against HHS and the City/County for their actions. 

Since 1995, people have continued to bring animals to Animal Haven, described in the court filings as “malnourished, ill, crippled, and/or terminally ill”, in the knowledge the animals would not be turned away.   Prior to her death,  Bonnie asked her husband not to turn the animals over to HHS if anything happened to her in order to prevent their mass euthanasia.   On July 13, 2009,  Bonnie passed away in her sleep.

Enter the Humane Society of the United States

Knowing that he could not manage the needs of the animals, the grieving Norman Pang immediately set about seeking help to find a new home for the animals in compliance with his wife’s last wishes.  He received an offer of assistance from Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) who contacted the HSUS.

Two days after Bonnie’s death, on July 15th, HSUS personnel accompanied by OSPCA personnel informed Norman that they would care for the animals from that point forward & had Norman sign transfer of ownership of all animals and birds into to the HSUS and OSPCA as of that day.

According to the papers filed, no one from HSUS or OSPCA would appear to care for the animals they now owned for FOUR days.  Norman Pang was left to do so, alone, providing food and water to animals that no longer belonged to him.  On July 17th,  HSUS personnel including Scotlund Haisley visited the property with Mr Haisley stating that “he was satisfied there was no basis for any criminal complaint”

On July 19th, HSUS personnel began removing the animals with Scotlund Haisley repeating his statement that “he was satisfied there was no basis for any criminal complaint”.  This was the same day that HSUS personnel showed up with the video cameras, to tape the conditions of the animals owned by HSUS and OSPCA for 4 days but cared for by neither.

Animals left to be cared for by a man, alone, who had just lost his wife.  A man who acted immediately to fulfill his wife’s last wishes and in the interest of the animals, knowing he was in over his head. 

This is the Humane Society of the United States at work. 

This is how your donations are being used.

Copyright 2009 by Erica Saunders
All rights reserved

9 Responses to “HSUS in Hawaii: Your Donations at Work”

  1. Kitty Dieterich says:

    Isn’t it true that the animals were put down? Was Mr. Pang charged with animal cruelty based on the video footage? The video was supposedly made as a “training tool” for members raiding large animal facilities accused of cruelty! This is all part of the HSUS sneaky procedure in high profile cases where they can get lots of donations and further their goal of NO MORE ANIMAL/HUMAN CONTACT. They lie, cheat and steal to do their dirty work, while Wayne Pacelle shows his teeth in front of the cameras! I hope everyone will contribute to Mr. Pang’s lawsuit. HSUS is a huge ******** threat to all humankind.

  2. Animal Lover says:

    Sounds just like H$U$! They are a SCAM!! IF you give money to them – you're buying Wayne's expensive suits and paying for his and his girlfriend's expensive lifestyle!!! NO animals are helped by them! They are liars and cheats and frauds – real ********* to our country and our system!!! Do NOT support these frauds!!! EXPOSE THEM!!! TELL EVERYONE you know!!! This is pure and utter SCANDALOUS!!!

  3. A M Rutherford says:

    Good for Mr. Pang! I hope he wins this lawsuit and that he does not agree to a non-disclosure if it is settled out of court. The world needs to start learning the truth about HSUS!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I'd encourage people to keep their comments respectful. Otherwise you are only as "bad" as the people you are speaking about. Also, people won't take you as seriously if you are sounding "crazy". Yes, it's a serious issue. Treat it like one, and others will listen. There are other forums including offline where you can vent.

  5. Russ says:

    Someone should be looking into HSUS tax returns that list all the money they spend on running shelters.. Only problem is HSUS does not have any anmal shelters. IRS seems to be ignoring this.

  6. Luke Thomas says:

    I donate to PETA and my local shelters only! I quit donating to HSUS the moment they are using VICK as spokesperson which makes me PUKE!!

  7. Sue Wiggins says:

    Does anyone know the status of this now?


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