Warrior's CrossWe have lost a Warrior.

We lost John Yates, founder of the American Sporting Dog Alliance, on September 15. Though he fought his battles for pet owners with pen & paper, with script & screen, John was no less a warrior than a man on the battlefield.

With his research and writings on legislative issues, he fired his shot across the bow of fleets of Animal Rights misinformation.

With his love of dogs and pride in the dogs he has raised, he waved the banner high for those who choose to raise animals.

With fearless determination, he stood guard against the weakening of property rights legislation in the face of sentimental attacks on emotion.

John understood that in battle individual differences must be put aside for the sake of the goal, without wavering until the Hill is taken. He understood that though the battle can be won, the war can still be lost if the troops fall into disarray.

He truly understood that evil happens when good people stand aside and do nothing. He put aside his own distaste for thrusting himself into the spotlight to found an organization fighting for pet owners everywhere, even those who will not fight for themselves and those who certainly wouldn’t fight for him

John’s writing has touched me personally. His loss breaks my heart and it costs us all deeply.

Good hunting John. May your old dogs be waiting for you and the hills full of game.

8 Responses to “We Have Lost A Warrior: The Passing of John Yates”

  1. Mary Euler says:

    Although I never met John in person he was instrumental recently in helping me through email on issues in Illinois even as he was under attack by some of the very people that he had helped in the past in Illinois. I was and am deeply grateful for his personal help and sounding the alarm recently regarding things that we needed to be aware of going on in Illinois again with proposed animal legislation. With my German heritage and upbringing I am not an emotional person but I feel a deep loss of a kindred soul with this announcement . May John's passing and absence be a constant reminder to those of us that remain that we have to fight even harder for the principles both he and we fight for regarding our animals. It will take many of us diligently working to fill his shoes~

  2. Mary Euler says:

    Where may we send flowers?

    • Margo Milde says:

      John's wife Donna tells me that since John was a very private person, there will be no funeral service or special memorials. However, she requests that people contribute in John's memory to the American Sporting Dog Alliance, the organization that John began, since this will allow her to maintain the website and valuable archived articles for a long time, allowing their use in the future. In this way, John will always remain with us.

  3. Margo Milde says:

    RE: your last line:
    "Good hunting John. May your old dogs be waiting for you and the hills full of game."

    John's favorite hunting dog, Razzle (age 14), passed on peacefully just two days before John did. No doubt it was an omen. Razzle wanted to be there waiting for John when John passed. I'm sure they are together again in the heavens, enjoying their favorite pursuit.
    John will be greatly missed. We lost him much too soon.
    Thanks for the tribute.

  4. ginger says:

    This brings such tears to my eyes. He was a single warror fighting for so many . I agree how can we replace him.

  5. ami moore says:

    John was a thoroughbred in word and deed.
    Ami Moore

  6. Jan A says:

    John Yates was indeed a warrior and his voice and reason will be missed. A wonderful tribute.

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