World Under ThumbThis morning I was forwarded a link to a news article that referenced a number of upcoming HSUS award winners.  Although the article focused most closely on Monmouth County SPCA chief Victor Amato, I was most interested in the contents of the last paragraph in the article.

“The society also will honor New Mexico’s attorney general for assembling a task force to combat illegal animal fighting, a Nebraska county sheriff who investigated a case of cruelty against 200 wild mustangs, a district attorney in Alabama that busted dog and cock fighting rings, and Indiana’s attorney general who used a tax law to close a local puppy mill.”

Although I’m sure correspondence accompanying the award from the Humane Society of the United States to the Indiana Atty. Gen. does not match my imaginings, I can just picture the following letter:

“To Atty. Gen. Greg Zoeller,

Please accept this Humane Society award, in appreciation for the following actions:

  • Disregarding Due Process, and the terms of the court obtained search warrant,  in order to sell us the dogs obtained in the raid on Breezy Valley dairy farm.
  • Being so generous as to sell us these dogs for $300, when the claimed tax debt used for the purpose of the dog seizure was in excess of $132,000
  • Intervening on our behalf, with respect to dogs  being fostered by rescues we had given the dogs to so they would feel confident adopting them out prior to conclusion of current court proceedings
  • Being willing to apply tax law to close down a commercial dog breeder since there was no evidence to support a cruelty or neglect case.

So sorry these events have resulted in Indiana residents and Indiana House Representatives raising ethical concerns over your office’s conduct.  Hope this doesn’t get pursued through the state Bar Association, especially over that issue with the search warrant. We hope that reminding everyone of this event by giving you this award, which is sure to get covered by the media,  makes everything better

Love and kisses,

The Humane Society of the United States

PS Your talking about the poor conditions the dogs were kept at the press conferences was SUCH a bonus, especially since our video and photos don’t back it up. ”

Although this piece of correspondence is purely my imagination, it is frightening that all the issues referenced in it are actually true. Even more unfortunate is the fact that knowing this information means that I must look at the other individuals receiving awards with a suspicious eye.  If this behavior is characteristic of those who were receiving awards from the Humane Society of the United States, what don’t we know about the rest of the award winners?

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3 Responses to “From HSUS to IN AG, “Thanks For Overlooking Due Process for Us. Have an Award!””

  1. gail says:

    I understand all those dogs seized under the seize and hold authorization were sold to HSUS for $300 total. What happened to them? Did HSUS find them all homes or????

  2. Alan Frost says:


    I don't know what happened to the seized dogs, but it is incorrect to think of HSUS as an organization that might "find them all homes." The HSUS is more of a wholesaler that passes the merchandise on to actual humane societies that sell the dogs at retail. In this regard, the HSUS serves the same purpose as a broker that provides dogs to a pet store to sell to consumers.

  3. Tom says:

    The HSUS is just one more pet store with lower standards than the ones that they try to close. I count PetSmart as such a pet store now because they market rescue dogs for the HSUS's followers.

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