Rep Linda Lawson at Breezy Valley Dairy Farm, 305 miles from District 1 & constituents

Rep Linda Lawson at Breezy Valley Dairy Farm, 305 miles from District 1 & constituents

In light of recent documentation obtained regarding the seizing and sale of dogs in Southern Indiana, the question must be raised, “What is Indiana State Rep. Linda Lawson’s involvement in this situation?” Reported in a previous article by AR-HR.com, Rep. Linda Lawson was seen participating in the June 2, 2009 seizure of dogs from the Garwood farm (Breezy Valley Dairy Farm). The raid was conducted in Mauckport while Rep. Linda Lawson represents Indiana District 1, located 305 miles away. 

This raises a number of ethical questions regarding Rep. Linda Lawson’s involvement:

  • If this was volunteer activity, was Rep. Lawson using state time and resources to coordinate with the Humane Society of the United States regarding participation in the raid? 
  • How did she manage to clear time during the work week to participate in this raid during the greatest economic crisis since the 1920’s and in the midst of a special legislative session nearly 4 weeks prior to the passage of the Indiana state budget?
  • If this was volunteer activity, why was Rep. Lawson standing with Indiana Attorney Greg Zoeller during the subsequent television press conference announcing the raid?  If this was not volunteer activity, why was Rep. Lawson acting in District 70  instead of  Rep. Paul Robertson? Rep. Robertson, a fellow Democrat to Linda Lawson, has been notably quiet through this matter.

Certainly any political representative is free to volunteer in their spare time as they see fit.  However the raid occurred on a Tuesday morning while the Indiana legislature remained in special session, a point when District 1 constituents would reasonably expect their state representative to be dedicating herself to their representation during a budget crisis.  Instead, Rep. Lawson was carrying puppies out of a barn a 4 hour drive away from her district and almost 2 hours drive from the state capitol. 

Rep. Lawson’s ties to the Humane Society of the United States are well known, as is demonstrated by latest news link on her homepage,””STRONGER ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS, PUPPY MILL REGULATIONS SET TO TAKE EFFECT“, includes the following, “Information that will be of use to municipalities that wish to impose stronger animal cruelty/puppy mill regulations will be distributed by Lawson’s office, the Humane Society of the United States and the Indiana Alliance of Animal Control and Welfare Operators in the upcoming weeks.”  She is also prominently displayed in the HSUS video made to proclaim the raid’s occurance.  (please note the CLEAN dogs, especially the ones with white fur)


This raid, which has raised serious questions regarding the conduct of the Attorney General’s office, would have required coordination between the Indiana Attorney General’s office, HSUS and its volunteers. Given Rep Linda Lawson’s previous history as a law enforcement officer:

  • Did Rep. Lawson have knowledge of the terms of the search warrant?
  • If Rep. Lawson had knowledge of the seize and hold clause, why did she not speak out regarding the sale of the seized dogs prior to court
  • Considering Rep. Lawson’s efforts to involve the Board of Animal Health in dog related activities, why did she not question their absence from the action?  This is especially relevant considering Rep. Lawson’s comments to the media (WAVE 3 TV) on June 2, 2009. “Some of these dogs were covered in feces. So matted and so awful that they could barely walk,” said State Rep. Linda Lawson (D-Hammond), who helped with the rescue of the dogs.  If the conditions were so unsanitary, surely this would have been of concern on a dairy farm involved in the food supply?  These conditions were certainly not demonstrated in the HSUS video of the event with the exception of a dog that appeared to have mud needing removal from its coat.

 As a former police captain, surely Rep. Lawson should have known to avoid even the appearance of conducting personal business on the job and known better than to have supported this activity in light of the issues that have emerged.

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4 Responses to “Is Indiana House Rep Linda Lawson Volunteering for HSUS on Constituents’ time?”

  1. Jet says:

    1. How is it that the laws do Not apply to the HSUS, Rep Lawson and the AG?
    2. How is it that Rep Lawson can take time off from her job when her state is in dire circumstances?
    3. Is she going to return that portion of her paycheck?
    4. How is it that Rep Lawson can participate in a seizure of property that is then SOLD off to HSUS even though the court order says “seize and hold” and still keep her job?
    5. How is it that the AG can flaunt a court order so easily when you or I would be in jail? Think there are 2 sets of law in what use to be the great country of America?

  2. Jenifer F. says:

    It bothers me that during this time Linda Lawson was being paid by “we the people”. Did not she receive an award from HSUS a year or so ago. It appears she is more oriented toward animal rights than working for the people of Indiana. The statements she made regarding urine and feces, how many times have we heard that verbatum on every raid from someone from HSUS. If a vet was in attendance what was his description of the dogs? If you will note those who are strict animal rights – all say the same things in their descriptions over and over and over again. Why is that? I would think that description elicits more emotion from people thus sympathy thus dollars. It would be difficult to say all puppies except for one matted dog looked bright and healthy and bring in donations. I thought HSUS was a chairty organization, so why are they being tapped by the Attorney General and USDA? I am glad I don’t live in Indiana anymore, this would be an embarrassment. Maybe people should donate to the USDA so they can hire people who are interested in animal welfare not animal rights.

  3. Nancy says:

    I watched the video twice so I could listen to the descriptions the first time and look at the dogs and kennels the second time. What I saw were clean dogs and clean kennels. The comment about the mothers living their entire lives in small cages was pushing reality a bit in my view after seeing all the roomy outdoor kennels and knowing it is common for females with pups to be kept in a den-size whelping area. Those kennels and dogs also appeared clean. I also caught the comment about the scottish terrier mother being ’emaciated’. Some bitches don’t hold a ‘normal’ weight when nursing pups and she was feeding 5. Holding up ONE dog who had evidently enjoyed itself by rolling in mud (which would belie a dog being caged its entire life) and claiming “This is what we are dealing with!” is stretching the truth to the breaking point in my opinion, considering how clean the rest were in the video. Once again, an HSUS video narration does not match what can be seen, if one takes the time to look. What a disservice that has done to the dog owners, the dogs, and the taxpayers of Indiana!

  4. Kat says:

    Does anyone know what Linda Lawson's plans are now for new laws she wants to impose on us even though she doesn't follow all the rules?

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