If you read this site regularly, you know that I normally write from the head about facts, consequences and ask alot of questions.  There are exceptions though when I write more from the heart.  Usually these are inspired by a recent event, like the inter-state dog fight raids this week, in combination with viewing or reading someone else’s work.

Though it might surprise you from my writing, I don’t own an American Pit Bull Terrier or a Staffordshire Terrier or any breed typically targeted by breed-specific legislation. Part of the reason is that these breeds are banned where I live.  Only those owned previous to legislation enactment are permitted under law and those are subject to muzzle law.  If animal control sees your dog and thinks it has similar characteristics, the dog runs the risk of being seized and killed unless you can prove non-violating breed parentage.  Good luck if your dog is a mixed breed.  So I purposely picked a breed that is almost impossible to mistake and has documentation to back up the fact, my choice that I have never regretted for a second.

But the plight of the bully breeds weighs on me;  beautiful, loyal, sweet and devoted to their people. Though not the breed for every dog owner, they are remarkable and resiliant.  I was reminded of all these qualities by this video, shown by every bully breed dog i have ever met.

I hope and pray the dogs of these recent raids are given the chance of the Vick dogs, and not slaughtered outright from infant pup to parent like those of Wilkes County this past February.  Every dog deserves to be evaluated as an individual.  Every dog deserves a chance.

Please … let them have a chance. 

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  1. selwyn marock says:

    I approve BSL(BAN STUPID LEGISLATORS).But quite seriously I have been fighting Hitler’s Law BSL for many years now,and the coclusion I have come to is that it has zero to do with the dogs,but rather with failing
    politicians,cowardly humans that become animal control officer’s.
    Hitler’ had to find someone or something to blame for Germany’s demise
    soe he picked on Jews Blacks etc.
    Much of the Legislation to-day is aimed at the Law-abiding citizens,e.g.
    Dog laws,smoking lawsetc.etc.


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