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Truth and Rescue Dog Stories: Personal

Human Responsibility // January 2, 2013


Although I haven’t been writing much for a while due to launching a business (no, not in the animal industry) I’m still out here.  I wanted to offer this true and very personal story, prompted by my own experiences and commentary generated by “The Tipping Point”, written by Susi Szeremy   Tears fall as I […]

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Jeopardy Tax Assessments: “Part of the State’s power of the purse, not …the sword”

AR-HR News // August 20, 2011


Its been a long road since the Indiana Attorney General’s office seized 240 dogs from Breezy Valley Dairy farm by leveraging a jeopardy tax assessment against the Garwood family.  The judgement is in and as damning to the office of the AG as we’ve been saying all along. Result? Judgement in favor of the Garwoods, […]

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Farewell to a Beloved Friend

Animal Rights, blog, Human Responsibility, Legislation // August 23, 2010


I wanted to take this opportunity to say farewell to Sheila Leonard of Indiana; dedicated AKC Australian Shepherd breeder, animal ownership rights activist and friend.  Sheila passed away last week from pancreatic cancer. Sheila was a rare member of the AKC breeding community.  She truly recognized the scope of animal ownership related legislation sweeping through […]

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What’s HSUS REALLY up to? Look at what they condemn …

blog, Human Responsibility // May 19, 2010


A short update tonight … I’ve noticed a pattern over time with the HSUS press releases and CEO Wayne Pacelle’s blog, “Humane Nation”.  The pattern?  With noticeable frequency, issues used to attack their opponents are issues which are reflected within the HSUS itself.  Some examples? In “Humane Nation”, HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle attacks CCF founder […]

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